We at GOLDEN STATE COMMODITIES are experts in originating feed ingredients, oilstock and products for energy cogeneration.  If you need it, we can find it.  If you need it moved, we can move it.  Here is a taste of products we have years of experience handling:

Nut byproducts

  • Almond

    • Almond Hulls
    • Almond Shell
    • Almond Hull & Shell
    • Almond Oilstock
  • Pistachio

    • Pistachio Shell
    • Pistachio Oilstock
  • Walnut

    • Walnut Shell
    • Walnut Oilstock

Bean Culls

Cottonseed byproducts

  •     Cottonseed Meal
  •     Cottonseed Hulls
  •     Whole Cottonseed


  •    Corn
  •    DDG

Grape Pomace

HEIFER MIX - our special blend

Rice Products

  •    Rice Bran
  •    Rice Hulls


  •      Whole Seeds
  •      Screenings

If you do not see the particular product you are looking for, be sure to call us.  We will find it for you.

We have access to transportation to fit your needs.  If it can be shipped, we will ship it for you, wherever you may need it.      

Office 209-848-4020